June 1, 2009

work report

by Oleg Dzhimiev

1. [Done] Simulation of data path of Cross-Correlation (C-C) module.

2. [Done] Integration of the C-C block to x359.

3. [In Progress] Simulation of the C-C and x359 as a whole.

3.a. [Done] Set up memory controller.

  • Write length is set to 64(8×8) words.
  • Fixed image size to 2592×1944.
  • C-C block is set to work with 512 words, reading out 256 word at a time with overlapping – 3 256-word reads till another command to the C-C block.

3.b. [Done] Simulate for 1 write and 1 read channels. Here there are no competetive requests from 2 write channels.

3.c. [In Progress] Simulate for 2 write and 2 read channels.

  • Fixed reg “full_pages_in_buffer” correct work. It was commented earlier by me as I used only one channel at a time to access SDRAM.
  • For write channels – changed reg “full_pages_in_buffer” size to 32 (page size is 64). And if it reaches the maximum then a aditional BRAM is neaded.


1. Finish with the “full_pages_in_buffer“.

2. Make an x359.bit and check the work with the whole frame.

3. I also didn’t implemented multiplication on the Hamming function before performing the FFTs.

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