March 10, 2010

First Elphel Eyesis Prototype assembled

by admin

Elphel Eyesis panoramic camera headAndrey spent months of planning and designing these parts and yesterday we finally had the joy of assembling the first panoramic camera head prototype utilising 9 sensor boards. This new panoramic camera head is called Elphel Eyesis. A few metal parts are still missing but the heart of the system – the optical part – is now completed. The extremely small size drastically reduces parallax (wikipedia explanation) see ruler for size comparison. The system allows to gather 360° panoramas at ~38 Mpix  (45Mpix before stitching) at  min. 5 fps (lower resolutions allow higher fps while covering the same field of view). The images below also show the pretty complex internal mechanical systems that allow each sensor to be mechanically fine tuned (2 axis tilt, focus plane distance).