February 28, 2011


by Andrey Filippov

Current state of the Eyesis project,

what worked and what did not. Or worked not as good as we would like it to

Most of the last year we spent developing Eyesis panoramic cameras, designing and then assembling the hardware, working on the software for image acquisition and processing. It was and continues to be a very interesting project, we had to confront multiple technical challenges, come up with the solutions we never tried before at Elphel – many of these efforts are documented in this blog.

We had built and shipped to the customers several Eyesis cameras, leaving one for ourselves, so we can use it for development of the new code and testing performance of the camera as a whole and the individual components.  Most things worked as we wanted them to, but after building and operating the first revision of Eyesis we understood that some parts should be made differently.