May 18, 2009

Circuit design – 10373

by Andrey Filippov

It seems I finished the first pass of the 10373 circuit design – “first pass” as the design is likely to change somewhat during PCB layout stage. The challenging part turned out to be power management – TI DaVinci (at least in it’s current version as TMS320DM6467) is rather power-hungry, needs significantly more of it than the Axis ETRAX FS that was used in the NC353L camera, even as it it smaller in size  – and I’m really anxious to fit more stuff on the same size PCB as in the older cameras.

Sure enough that extra electrical power gives more badly needed computational power too and I wanted to have universal system board that can use the extra power when available but be able to survive (scaling down performance) when used in mobile applications. And I believe I did balance it properly and hope to make it through the PCB layout and fit increased number of components, but four layer PCB of the 303-313-323-333-353 cameras will have to go – number of layers will go up to (most likely) eight.

It may be a tradition or superstition – I am not going to post the circuit diagram until the hardware will be built and tested.  So far I can only list some of the features of the 10373 system board:

  • TMS320DM6467 as the CPU
  • Xilinx Spartan 6 FPGA
  • 256 MiB NAND flash
  • 256 MiB DDR2 system memory
  • 256 MiB DDR3 dedicated FPGA memory
  • 48V DC
  • GigE
  • USB 2.0 host
  • ATA port (to be used with the SATA bridge on the 10369 or similar  I/O board)
  • USB 1.1 device with micro USB connector. It is connected to the CPU serial port to be used as a system console and alternative boot source