January 3, 2011

Experimenting with WebGL panoramas

by Andrey Filippov

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We had nice New Year vacations (but so short, unfortunately) at Maple Grove Hot Springs, and between soaking in the nice hot pools I tried the emerging technology I never dealt with before – WebGL, a part of HTML-5 standard that gives you the power of the graphic cards 3-d capability in the browser, programed (mostly) in familiar javaScript. I first searched for the existent panoramas to see how they look like and how responsive they are to the mouse controls, but could not immediately find something working (at least on Firefox 4.0b8 that I just installed – you’llĀ  need to enable “webgl.enabled_for_all_sites” in “about:config” if you would like to try it too). Then I found a nice tutorial with the examples working without a glitch and carefully read the first few lessons.