November 17, 2009

Video Gallery

by admin

Just like in the Image Gallery we want to share interesting Elphel related videos here. Please again note that some videos were made with predecessor hardware and that therefore  not all videos represent the current state of the art cameras.

If you found or created a new video  that you think would perfectly fit into this gallery please post the URL as a comment and we will consider adding it.

Romain sur Meuse (Elphel 333) from Oscar on Vimeo.

Elphel Raw Test Footage from OneArtPlease on Vimeo.

Pièces de David Roux-Fouillet – Usf Prod – Failed Cocoon Time Lapse HD from UsfProd on Vimeo.

Juggling 100fps from Adrien Mondot on Vimeo.

Les yeux de la nuit 2007 led throwies from Alexandre Poltorak on Vimeo.

4 responses to “Video Gallery”

  1. Hi guys and congratulations for your work in developing this HD camera.
    I would like to test if it’s possible for me to shoot a movie with this camera, and to do this I would like to receive the original not compressed raw files as recorded by the camera.
    Is it possible to have these files (or other not published video of any kind)?

    Many thanks and congratulations again,


  2. sebastian says:

    I am afraid these videos were created by all kinds of different people for different projects so its difficult to acquire original files. But please stay tuned, we will shortly post new recorded videos here in the blog and on the Apertus website:

  3. Nikolardo says:

    I made this video using the raw source of the top video currently posted here.

  4. sebastian says:

    Thanks Nikolardo, great work. I added your video to the page just below the original video.

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