March 30, 2011

Google API V3: Custom StreetView

by Oleg Dzhimiev

UPD: Google has updated their Salt Lake City images in their StreetView – so, the comparison is better now.

Click here for the active view (resizeable)


Works in Firefox 4.0 and Chrome. Does NOT work in Firefox 3.6.X.

The above sample shows how custom panoramas (in our case: a panorama we shot with our Elphel Eyesis) can be integrated in a custom StreetView.

Elphel Eyesis images is the top-left window. The top-right window is the current (lower resolution) official Google Street View in Salt Lake City supposedly made by the 2nd or 3rd generation of GSV cameras.

The Open Street Map is for switching between the available panorama points and the Google Map with a pegman is filling the otherwise unused space at the same time generously showing the view direction.


PS. Thanks to Jan and his blogpost – could have missed it.

6 responses to “Google API V3: Custom StreetView”

  1. Stefan says:

    Wow this is really cool 🙂 Especially the highres Elphel variant.

  2. Grahame says:

    This works like a charm. I certainly would like to emulate the same with our two 353L.

    Congrats all round.

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  5. kv says:

    hmmm…. of course the current google street view shot is at low sun angle (washed out)…

  6. Oleg Dzhimiev says:

    It’s not the sun – it’s just the current gsv images were taken with a lower res camera. There are parts of the panorama not affected by the sun. Also, you can check other pictures (don’t know if you noticed the link):

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