October 27, 2010


by Stefan de Konink

I have made some progress to integrate OpenLayers with EyesisPlayer resulting in EyesisMaps. Marek has added some Javascript callbacks to EyesisPlayer to allow features on OpenLayers to be updated and visa versa. So we gained a moveable arrow and interface directly with a PostgreSQL database via FeatureServer.

While still polishing it; but you can see the sneak preview:

EyesisPlayer + OpenLayers

2 responses to “EyesisMaps”

  1. Laurent says:

    I know Elphel from Alxandre Cabrit.
    We introduced a new feature on Kinomap (geolocated video sharing, second by second data): the embedded player “a la Youtube” to insert in any website… That’s close to what you’re doing with the EyesisMaps. Maybe we could work together on something to have data from your Eyesis kit readable on Kinomap?
    First user who integrated the player on its website: http://www.e-coasters.eu/kinomap.html


  2. Your solution uses the proprietary Google API to display. We are currently using OpenLayers.

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