October 4, 2010

Elphel participation in Russian Open-Source Hardware /mini-conference/

by Olga Filippova

On October 2, 2010 Elphel had participated (remotely) in Russian Open-Source Hardware /mini-conference/ that took place in Saint-Petersburg. Full list of the projects presented are published in Russian

We were also invited and talked about the benefits of Open Hardware for our business, that we have experienced over the 9 years of existence.

The slides from the conference are available on the slideshare site of conference organizer, Alexander Chemeris

We participated over the phone, after an unsuccessful attempt to do video via Ekiga (did not have time to set it up properly), and we don’t use Skype; but at least the sound quality was good. We also had the pleasure to see other presentations, live, on the upstream.tv  most of them in Russian,  and some in English, like presentation from Arduino and Bruce Perens.

The presentations were very informative and we hope they will be uploaded on upstream.tv since we were getting ready to our talk and could only glance at the others.

5 responses to “Elphel participation in Russian Open-Source Hardware /mini-conference/”

  1. Thanks for participation! We made a video recording of the conference and this video will be published on YouTube as soon as we transcode it.

    We then will go forward and try to produce subtitles in English of the Russian talks. And for sure we will also try to produce Russian subtitles of English presentations.

  2. Thomas Kumlehn says:

    Why do you use a FLASH based video service like upstream-tv ?

  3. olga says:

    That would be the question to organizers of Open Hardware mini-conference. We don’t even use Skype, as I mentioned in the announcement, because we had to install Skype software on our computer if we did.

  4. We would like not to use ustream or any other Flash-based solutions, but we do not have enough bandwidth for the streaming.

    This is a first conference of such kind in Russia. We have organized it in quite a limited time for preparation and do not have much of the sponsors at this point.

    We had to look for a CDN to distribute the traffic when we wanted to have our own streaming translation. We contacted some open source CDNs, but none had a bandwidth at that time.

    Thus we just used ustream. It is better than not having a translation at all. Open Source Hardware Summit 2010 in NY also used ustream and thus it was not a hard decision for us too.

    However, we are looking forward in having more technically plain and right solutions to be used in future 😉

  5. Olga says:

    thanks for organizing the event. Great job. Next one will be even better.

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