July 13, 2010

JP4 workflow

by paulo

There is ongoing interest on Elphel’s JP4 mode. JP4 color mode enables client demosaicing and near RAW quality with lower file size. There are a few JP4 modes available, but only a couple could be used directly using standard software, most modes needs specialized software.¬†Currently, elphel_dng works for still images on JP4 and JP46 modes.

Today, I am glad to announce movie2dng. movie2dng, as the name suggests can convert movies to Adobe’s Digital Negative (DNG) format. DNG is a standard based RAW format, which allows you to use ¬†common graphics and video editing software to develop your movies.

movie2dng uses ffmpeg to read and extract JP4 frames and uses Adobe’s DNG SDK to create a DNG file, in the long term we want to add support for the new CinemaDNG format, which will enable the generation of a single zip-like file with all the DNG frames and associated metadata.

As we speak, movie2dng is a ongoing project, we hope to add many new features, and make it really fast to be used with the great new Eyesis camera (current conversion speed is at about 10 frames per second with 720p movies).

We expect to use movie2dng on all common platforms, current version works well on Linux and Mac OS X. Windows version is on the way, current build is running but generated DNG is useless because of a problem on JP4 extraction, expect a working version soon.

You can get more information about movie2dng at movie2dng wiki page, there you’ll find information about how to download and use it.

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