June 17, 2010

Elphel workshop in Bordeaux during RMLL 2010

by Alexandre

RMLL 2010 (Libre Software Meeting) is a free (as a beer and as a speech) and non commercial conferences, workshops and round table about Free Software and its applications. The LSM goal is to provide a platform for exchange among Free Software developers, users and stakeholders.

This year RMLL will take place in Bordeaux, France from 6th to 11th of July and is organised by a set of local Free Software user groups and organizations with the help of several public and private sponsors. The event will be hosted by ENSEIRB-MATMECA, U-Bordeaux 1, LaBRI & ENSCB.

Elphel, Inc. and our Swiss partner Alsenet SA will provide cameras to record video/audio in few dozen of conferences.

During the event Alsenet SA will organize a workshop around Elphel cameras. All our European customers, partners and friends of Elphel are invited to participate in the workshop. It will be a perfect occasion to meet other Elphel customers, users & developers, to test the hardware, software and to discuss project ideas and future developments. RMLL is also an ideal place to get a better understanding of the economical models of Free Software.

During the workshop we would like to cover following topics:

  • camera core building blocks: quick overview of different available boards and kind of assemblies
  • main software available on the camera: IMGSRV, astreamer, camogm, different PHP scripts and capabilities
  • Elphel SDK
  • reflashing camera firmware & FPGA bitstream
  • few words about network configuration for unicast and multicast modes
  • client software compatible with Elphel cameras
  • simple and stupid integration with Arduino
  • deep hardware / software integration with Elphel: example on likoboard and likomapper software
  • trigger internal & external, multiple cameras synchronization, trigger a camera from GPS
  • multisensor examples with 10359 board
  • working with CVS code
  • JP46 post-processing workflow
  • Gstreamer plugins for Elphel
  • using Gstreamer and GLSL with Elphel cameras
  • using OpenCV and GpuCV with Elphel cameras

We will provide all the details and exercises for the workshop on our WIKI at latest one week in advance to the event. Some preparations on your end (e.g. preinstalling required packages) would allow us to focus on the main topics and cover any remaining questions. Any question prior or during the workshop should be discussed on Elphel’s IRC channel, wiki or public mailing list so we can have a public log that is potentially usefull to other Elphel users as well.

Please sign up on the participant’s list, and please add your availability during RMLL so that we can find the optimal day & time for the workshop. All further information about this workshop will be available on our WIKI.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the workshop!

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