June 12, 2010

Elphel-Eyesis Progress

by Olga Filippova

Eyesis camera shade, before anodising

3 x 10353 processing boards with 3 connected sensors each

The first 3 Elphel-Eyesis prototypes are nearing completion. Even though there were delays from our suppliers we finally received the last remaining parts and can now finish the camera and data storage assembly.

There were concerns that the pole and its attachments could have aerodynamic problems and that the system could be a whistle at higher speeds.
Today we tested the assembled camera shade for acoustical noise while moving at speed 30-55 mph, luckily the tests proved that there was nothing to worry about.

Eyesis on a test rideEyesis, before anodizing

Eyesis on a test ride

To acquire 9 images simultaneously from 3 system boards with 3 multiplexed connected sensors front-ends each we are working on some software modifications and FPGA code changes which are almost done by now and we can finally debug and test it on a real car-roof-mounted camera 🙂

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