May 3, 2010

RAW Flowers, processed and served colorful

by admin

Spring is here and all kinds of colourful plants and  flowers start to grow. This gave me a perfect opportunity to take my Elphel 353 to a garden and do some macro shots and explore the JP4 RAW to Adobe DNG workflow.

The following photo was shot in JP46 colour mode at 100% JPEG compression and then converted to Adobe DNG using this converter.

More images are available in the Image Gallery and for this particular shot I uploaded the DNG file as well: insects.dng


3 responses to “RAW Flowers, processed and served colorful”

  1. shijan says:

    still can’t write on dvinfo so try to comment here.

    regarding to all pictures before its the best we ever seen! its sharper and even seems that the dynamic range is more wider. white light burning holes are almost invisible now. don’t understand is it because you change lens or because internal jpeg converter was so unaccurate? will we see more shots from non macro lenses?

    about workflow – raw is great but converting jp4 to dng on linux and after that correcting and converting dng to editable format on your main os is still too long and hard workflow…

  2. sebastian says:

    This image was recorded as JP4 RAW which gives much more control in post processing and in general results in sharper images because the in-camera demosaicing is not that good.

    I hope I will soon also be able to add non macro shots.

    Paulo Henrique Silva is working on simplifying the conversion process ultimately resulting in a GUI where you just select a jp4 mov and get a converted CinemaDNG container or a DNG sequence that you can directly import into your editing suite.

  3. shijan says:

    its great! i follow this camera for a long tome its very interesting to see the progress!

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