September 29, 2009

10359 Stereo: Combining the modes together

by Oleg Dzhimiev

The modes are:

  • Direct alternating channels mode.

At first, I rewrote the logic of switching from what I already had and this resulted in parsedit.php “Error 500” and the streamer stop (when the sensors were in the free run mode, in triggered – everything was ok) while it was everything fine with the testbench. Coudn’t find what is wrong for sometime. Part of the logic was based on sync signals levels and under certain conditions the switching didn’t work – the error was corrected by using only the sync signals edges.

alternatingFig.1 A sample frame in the testbench is 2592×3 (to reduce verification time), “ivact” – vertical sync signal, “ihact” – horizontal sync signal, “pxdr” – pixel data. White numbers in ‘ivact’ line represent an appropriate channel.

  • Alternating channels – one channel direct, another – bufferred.

With this mode the situation was almost the same as with the previous mode – the same changes but the frame from the second channel, the one that is buffered looks brighter, but if to disable the first channel – the buffered frame is correct:

bufferred_alternatingFig.2 “framen” – frame enable register, allows work when ‘high’.


Fig.3 Good direct frame (left) and ‘whitened’ buffered frame (right). Probably some signal’s latencies are incorrect.

  • Depth frame mode.

Is separate due to the problems with other two modes. It’s being added currently.

I’m also making the project less messy, optimizing registers addresses and rewriting scripts to make the work with 10359 easier.

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