June 15, 2009

10373 – working on the PCB layout

by Andrey Filippov

I do not know why search engines love this 8-year old page – current camera model is 393. It’s PCB layout is also available in both Gerber and PDF form on this wiki page.

I’m working now on the 10373 PCB layout – there will be some minor cleanup and double-checking all the new components used, their mechanical dimensions and pinouts, but so far I was able to fit all the components to the same size PCB and route all the traces. Sure I had to use more layers – there are 8 now, including 4 dedicated to ground and power planes, there are now blind laser microvias between the the outer layers and the next ones, some buried vias and reduced traces widths.

And there is even some room left on the board – something to be added later in the next revision.



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